Monday, July 6, 2009

Wyeth at 7 months

Dear Wyeth,
You have a way with the ladies, that's for sure. I could just eat you up, you are so cute with your big smile and confident ways.

We feel that the months are going by too quickly. Days quickly become weeks and then months and soon, years. It is too much, too quickly.

You are enjoying learning how to push up and scoot around a bit. Well, you really just pivot on your belly. You are a big fan of pears and peaches but get bored of applesauce. And you have opinions on which toys are the best. So far "playing" just means eating everything in sight. And paper is the tastiest! You are developing your own personality and really enjoy chatting with your sister. Seren is by far your favorite play "toy" in that she makes you smile and laugh big laughs. Seren loves to make you smile. On the other hand, she also gets tired of playing your way sometimes and shoves you over when we aren't looking. Sorry about that, my little man!

But Wyeth, inspite of your cuteness, we should talk about a schedule. Mom and Dad like schedules. You, however, don't seem to like them. Sometimes you sleep for 30 minutes per nap. Other times 45 minutes. Other times, two and half hours. We can't find any pattern. So, if you could please work on that, that would be awesome! The same goes for sleeping through the night. Sometimes you are down for the count at 7:30, othertimes at 8 and sleep through to 6 am but most times you wake up for a snack. We can't figure out if you are hungry, have a new tooth, or snuffly. It all is very confusing to us. Let us in on your secrets if you have a moment!

We love you to bits, sweet cheeks!

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