Thursday, July 9, 2009


Seren has been in the bay and she has swum in the ocean. She has not spent any time at all in an actual pool. Isn't that lame!? She is 3! But we don't have a local pool.

Despite me feeling sick all of Monday, when Tuesday came, it was "Mommy's day" and I wanted to get her in a pool!

So we found a local, public pool. It was a logistical challenge to hold Wyeth, encourage Seren to get wet, nurse in a bathing suit (hmm!?) and get the team to be happy. We didn't last long at the pool. But we had fun!

Seren, as usual, was a riot.

She kept saying, "I'm swimming! I'm swimming!!" (She wasn't swimming, she was dipping in but I gave her accolades anyway!)

And then she got out and announced, "I want to be wrapped in a warm towel!" (Because she just saw a little boy get out and his mom said the exact same thing to him. Apparently, being wrapped in a warm towel is part of swimming!)

Next time, I'm bringing a stroller, a blanket for Wyeth to play on and I'll wear my own suit! But it was a good effort to get us swimming!

Check out my swimmer! (And note how 'deep' the pool was!)

My other swimmer is holding his own too! I love the double baths! This has been going on for about a month and just love how great they both do in there. And so much easier! Just wish I had a good photo- hard to manage both bathers AND a camera. :)

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LauraC said...

Dang, I hope I don't make it sound like everyone hangs out by the pool! It's just SO HOT here. It's literally been in the 90s for weeks, so the pool is the only place to keep a calm temperament.