Monday, July 20, 2009


Wyeth is the most ridiculous sleeper I've known. Seren at 8 months was sleeping through the night from 8 pm through 6 am for two months. Wyeth is not. I know that each kid is different and certainly the fact that I have two to put to bed each night- at typically the same time- does not help. This means that Wyeth is the second to go down and sometimes goes down too late and is overly tired.

Anyway. Last night, like the Sunday before, was hell. He was up for two hours and then back up two hours later. What? Why? And I do everything 'wrong' on nights like these. I am not consistent. I am just tired. I let him cry. Then go to him. Then sometimes nurse him (he won't take the paci from me anymore). Ugh.

But we have a new wrinkle. He is stuck sitting up. He figured out how to push himself up on all fours then sit up by himself. We saw him do it this morning- and it is impressive. But then he has no idea how to lay himself back down. The poor little dude just kept crying and crying because he was stuck sitting up!

How can I try to teach him to lay back down?

I remember that Seren did have some night waking when she learned to stand and walk. She needed to 'practice' the new skill all night. So I imagine that some of this is happening now with my Wy-guy. I swear if it isn't a cold or a cough or a fever or a new tooth it is sitting or learning to walk or scoot.

But he is so cute! We'll figure it out- in a year or two. :)


LauraC said...

8 months is also a big sleep regression, the last really big one before 18 months:

No idea what to tell you on the sitting front. Nate did the same thing with pulling up. He would pull up on his crib and not be able to get back down. We just had to wait it out until he figured it out.

Hang in there! I swear the first year my kids were always sick!

Beth said...

Hang in there! He'll figure it out. Seth is on a night-waking trip again, after having about a week of good sleep. (And I thought we had finally gotten past the hump! Yeah--right.) And you're right--there will always be something! I spent William's first year making myself crazy with I couldn't "get" my child to sleep through the night! There are no answers. None. Nada. Zip. Routines and consistency help, of course. But don't make yourself crazy. Just trust your instincts. Do what you need to do to get as much sleep as you can for everyone. And trust that eventually (2, 3, 4 years down the road--LOL) he will sleep! Hugs!

Whitney said...

I agree whole-heartedly with Beth! There will indeed always be something, whether the teething, or the developmental changes, or getting stuck sitting, standing, crawling, etc! Noah would always be sitting up or crawling anytime he woke up. I swear he would into these positions while in his sleep, and then wake up there and be confused. I remember Sam asking us if Noah was sleeping through the night around 6 months, and then 9 months, and Nano laughing out loud each time. You guys got lucky the first time :). Hang in there and know there are thousands of mothers (and dads) awake with you in those wee hours! Best of luck!