Thursday, July 16, 2009

A bigger pool

Last Tuesday, I took both kids to the local pool to get them wet. It was an ok time. It was a challenging time logistically. But I did it and they had fun.

This week, we stepped it up a notch and visited my friends' pool. It was awesome! Seren totally got into it and enjoyed 'swimming' and learning how to kick on the kick board. My good friend Nancy K was visiting from California which was a blast in it of itself- SO good to have good 'girl' time with someone so meaningful to me!

Wyeth also loved the water but I have to buy swim diapers because I forgot about the whole, 'my child weighs 16 pounds and his wet diaper weighs another 10 pds' thing. It was a gorgeous day outside and I really just enjoyed being PRESENT.

I've also decided while I'd like to be completely ok with my new 'shape', I am not quite there yet. I want to say, "Yeah look at me. I'm a mom. My body created two gorgeous kids and I'm ok with the damage." But I'm am not 'there' yet. I will be buying a one piece bathing suit as soon as I can. But that's just an aside.

We had a great time!

Wyeth continues to not have much of a schedule. I guess there are loose guidelines but mostly due to having an older sibling, he has to 'go with it' more than Seren did at this age. I think we 'pay' for that.

Sometimes he sleeps the night for an entire week. Othertimes he is up chatting. I want to move the kiddo out of our room because I think he senses we are there and then feels it is ok to chat! The other problem is he has pulled down the breathable 'bumper' on his crib and waits for us to see him. He is playing peekaboo with it. It is hard to ignore that! It is a catch 22- if we move him into his sister's room, will all hell break loose with BOTH of them being up? Or will it be just fine. We keep 'waiting' for him to sleep through the night consistently but something tells me we will be waiting for quite some time. We may just have to bite the bullet!

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LauraC said...

Good luck with that transition! I will be interested to hear how it goes.

I wear a two piece tankini to the pool. Lets me feel like I'm not really wearing a mom swimsuit!