Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We gave up on holding him

I have said it before but Wyeth is so much more ACTIVE than Seren ever was. He has to kick, flap, push, pull everything. Holding him is quite exhausting! And this is before he knows how to crawl/cruise! Wyeth is all action all of the time!

Combine this personality 'trait' with his need to be held and well...I have about six bruises on my legs which stand in quiet witness to all of the jumping he does.

So last weekend during breakfast, I stuck him in the middle of the dinning room table. And this is where he has been sitting during meals (when he isn't eating). He sits there and is able to chat with us but can still do his flapping/stretching and we can eat. At least for about 5 minutes. And yes, we CLOSELY supervise.


Beth said...

OMG--too cute! He looks so much like Seren! We used to put William in the Bumbo right on the table when we went out to eat. It worked great for a month or two. Seth, of course, was more like Wyeth and would never be content to be "stuck" in the Bumbo. Hope this solution lasts for at least a little while! LOL.

LauraC said...

Second timer :P

I love hearing about all the comparisons. Alex was always super active (crawling at 6 months, walking at 10!) and he is STILL the boy who gets into everything in our house. He is very tactile and learns by experimenting. Nate was always a talker, and is STILL a talker. His latest thing is going up to people at the pool and saying HI HI HI until they say hi back to him.