Friday, July 10, 2009

Our House

The year Seren was born was insane. I have blogged about this before but still can't get over it. Premature birth, a few days in the NICU, finishing up my course work, moving from Madison to PA, finding an apartment, defending my MA back in WI, starting a new job and then moving to our home.

Our home caused me 'buyers' remorse' for about a year and a half. At least. We bought too quickly in some ways and had a horrible realtor. Maybe everyone feels that the purchase of thier first home has a steep learning curve. I don't know. I bring this up because Wyeth is the exact age now that Seren was when we bought our first home.

The day we bought the house, my parents were so excited. And my poor, emotional Dad couldn't properly take a picture of us by the 'for sale' sign (we didn't have a sold sign) because he was holding back tears of joy.

Has time really passed that quickly? Seren was seven and a half months- the same age as Wyeth. What will the next 2.5 years bring us?

I should do a 'before and after' post of our home. We spent a lot of time early on fixing it up but have run out of energy as of recent. We feel a renewed sense of urgency to get things done- we shall see.

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Julie said...

We too had a similar first time buyers experience. Crazy year--moved cross country--twice, had an incompetant realtor and we also have some buyers remorse, especially b/c we bought at the peak of the housing market. I love it that your Dad felt so emotional about the three of you getting your first home. It is a big deal!