Wednesday, February 24, 2010

13 month pics

I saw a picture of a professional photo in my colleague's office. His daughter is now 12 but the photo is of his daughter around 6 months.

We haven't really taken many professional photos. Which I have lamented time and time again. We have gotten some great photos ourselves. And my father in law has an amazing camera. But I think there is something to be said for a studio shot. Once March comes, I'd like to take both kids for a shoot because time just keeps on moving.

Here are four pics: all of them are taken when both kiddos are 13 months old. Life is pretty amazing.

Thanks for all of your well wishes this week and for your affirming comments yesterday. Today is a brand new day. We all are doing better. Not quite back from the edge but much better!

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LauraC said...

If you want to go the cheap route, we love Portrait Innovations! They always have a $9.99 deal where you get one sheet of pics for $9.99. Then you pay for each additional sheet you want. They have two photographers - one to take the pics, one to entertain the kiddos. Even with all the pics I take, I love getting professional pics taken bc studio pics are very nice!

The pictures we have hanging over our mantle are from PI! (as is the one above the couch where they are laying on their backs)