Monday, February 1, 2010

Disney on Ice

This weekend we really packed it all in! The one up side of not having a partner on the weekends, is that I'm forced to organize activities that I may not have organized if Sam and I were both around. And this weekend was no exception.

But the highlight of the weekend was an event my mom organized. She coordinated a LOVELY trip to see Disney on Ice! This was a first for us! And it was only the girls! Wyeth stayed home with my Dad and Sam spent the entire day taking a practice bar exam. So it was the girls. We didn't tell Seren too much in advance about the upcoming show because you just never know if it will happen in cold, cough, flu season. But it did! We left way early but got lost. And I lost it with frustration. I was dropping f-bombs left and right! I did not want to miss the show! In the end, mom dropped Seren and I off and Seren and I sprinted to the show with about 600 other moms, dads, grandparents and kids. It was a zoo! But we finally got inside and we were only 15 minutes late to the show.

What a show! The sets, the ice skaters, the costumes! Seren doesn't really know a lot of the Disney stories and I didn't either (Mulan?) but the stories she did know, she enjoyed. She was waving like crazy to Snow White and then was so disappointed when "Snow White didn't see me!! But I waved!"

The show was also long. We had no idea that it would be well over an hour and a half. When Sam asked Seren all about it she said, "Well, it took a long, long time." She then went into the details of who she saw, what it was like, etc. It was awesome, thanks Mom!

The rest of the weekend was fun too- getting together with friends for homemade Stromboli on Friday night, meeting new friends at a UU church gathering on Saturday evening, and then just laying low and hanging out on Sunday while Sam studied.

And while the weekend was a ton of fun, I can't wait to have my husband back! It is like living with the shell of the husband formerly known as Sam. And he has decided to do something funky with his facial hair. He isn't going to cut his goatee thing until after the bar. Ugh! (Is it Sam or are other men this superstitious?!) The exam is 3 weeks from this week and then it is three LONG days of exam.

I'll leave this disjointed post with a statement that Seren made at lunch yesterday. "It is okay if you bite your own finger but it is NOT okay if you bite someone else's finger."

Be good to each other people on this Monday morning; don't bite anyone.

I added some pictures!

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Beth said...

LOL at the stressful trip to get to the ice show--not because it's funny, but because I've sooo been there, f-bombs and all. I'm glad you guys made it and that Seren had such a great time. We have yet to do any kind of live performance with the boys, but the circus is coming up. Maybe we'll try to go as a family! (That's Ed's version of hell, but he'll live! LOL)

Glad you had a great weekend, and I'm sending lots of good luck vibes Sam's way.