Friday, February 5, 2010

A Growth Spurt?

Wyeth won't stop eating which is awesome!! At his 12 month appointment, the doctor was concerned a bit that his growth wasn't quite on track and he wasn't eating real people food. Try as we did, he refused to eat fun things- only stage 2 foods from jars. Blah. So we stayed on formula with stern instructions to keep pushing real food.

And then he just fell in love with feeding himself and eating real people food! He had four chicken nuggets last night. He has made tremendous progress eating. My list of food that Wyeth eats has stretched from two items (Cheerios and raisins) to over 15 foods. Whew! We are very lucky that he figured out how to eat with his hands and that he actually likes some of these fun foods. I have several friends whose children really struggle to eat so I'm quite grateful that, for now, Wyeth enjoys meals.

And he is sleeping a ton too. So between his huge meals and his double naps and long nights, I expect he won't fit in his 12 month clothing much longer!

Earlier this week I posted about how much I love my 5:30 wake up time during the week. I still do. But it is a little odd to be the only one up at 6:30 when I could be sleeping in a nice warm bed! This is the third time this week that we actually have to make noise to get the family going and moving! Note to self: this phase of my children sleeping past 6:30 will promptly END guaranteed on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Guaranteed!


Julie said...

YAY for good eating! Lana has always been a good eater, which is awesome. When she first got into real people food, we really exposed her to a lot of stuff--funky stuff too like Indian food (mild of course), Vietnamese pho noodles, etc. and she ate it right up! Its great b/c when we eat out we don't have to rely on the kids menu. Its wonderful to have a great eater b/c so many moms really struggle to get their toddlers to eat anything.

Dude, I am so jealous of the good sleeping, but you give me hope and I am hanging on to that!!!

OWL MOMMA said...

So, has the sleeping in thing ended? I also think it's funny that 6:30 is sleeping late! I haven't seen 6:30 in awhile. I forget how out of touch I am. I am happy when the kids (and me too since they wake me up) roll out of bed before 9. I am secretly afraid I am raising a generation of homeschooled slackers :)

Completely off topic, I love the way blogs can keep people connected. It's nice getting a little peek into your family!