Friday, February 26, 2010

One Word: DONE

Sam is DONE the PA/NJ bar. I made a home made sign with those words "DONE" on the door when he walked in.

He made it! Monday night, anticipating the exam, was the worst. Ever. But Tuesday he did well, Wednesday went very well and Thursday was good too. Thursday, the day of the NJ bar, was a bit frantic as Central NJ was preparing for another SNOW MONSTER. (Which hasn't REALLY come into fruition). They started the bar early, had a short lunch and generally panicked trying to get the test takers home safely.

He arrived home yesterday at 4:30. I have never been so happy to see him. He had shaved- something he said he would do post bar- and he looked so relieved.

Seren and I heard him coming and yelled "YEAH" when he walked in the door. Seren surprised us all by crying happy tears! She was SO happy to have him back. Her teacher said that Seren had had a rough day- that she really missed her Dad. This stupid exam has been a stress on all of us.

I cried when I saw him too. It was such a trial for us! And I am so proud of him. And I'm proud of US. This marriage thing is really about partnership. About picking someone else up when they need you to pick them up. And we made it.

My mom and dad did the lion's share of the child care this week. Being with the kiddos for three FULL days and TWO full nights. What a HUGE help! They deny it but they looked exhausted too!

We aren't really 100% back yet. We are all still tired. And Sam isn't feeling 100% either. But we are BACK. Seren, as I have mentioned before, is really focused on 'whose day' it is. Is it a Mommy day? A Daddy Day? A Family Day? So when we told her that Dad was DONE, she said, "Does that mean we can have family days again?"

Yes, honey, we can have family days again.

And with several inches of snow on the ground (again), looks like our family days will consist of snowmen and snow angels.

A big thanks to all for getting us through this. We have really leaned on so many to pull us through this monster! He gets his results in May. (MAY?!) I'm not worried.

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Beth said...

Woo-hoo! Sounds like a great reunion. Enjoy your family days!