Sunday, February 7, 2010

At the end of the day

A day can bring a lot of things. Good news. Bad news. Accidents. SNOW. No naps. Long naps. 5:15 wake ups and early bed times.

We had a busy weekend of snow craziness! I woke up at 5:15 because, ya know, why not? And I realized that we had no power. Which means we had no working monitors. So I crept out to the garage and found my sleeping bag and went upstairs to lay on the floor in the hallway incase the kids got up.

10 minutes later they did. Seren yells "Wait! I can't see the clock! Oh no! My night light isn't on! Oh no! Oh no! MOMMY! I don't know if it is 6 or not!"

I love how you can 'hear' her thought process. She calmed down once I explained everything. But then Wy guy got up and damn it was 5:30 and we no heat and no electricity! IT was dark!!

So, obvoiusly, we survived the adventure. And I found caffeine despite the fact we couldn't make coffee. And Sam studied. And I shoveled and shoveled. And Sam studied more and I hung out with the kids. And cleaned. And made to-do lists.

And today was a Bounce University party. And Sam studied. And I'm exhausted. And I wish the bar was OVER instead of two weeks to go. Sam is stressed. I'm tired. We miss our family life. I google things like "Club Med" on a daily basis. Just to escape.

BUT. At the end of the day, I am a proud and grateful momma to two little people. Two really little people who are scared of vacuum cleaners, visualize friends that aren't really there, play constantly, who need us in so, so, so many ways and live life large. I want to be sure that I recognize my two little guys as the miracles that they are. On a daily basis.

At the end of the day? I'm tired. I'm hungry. But really? I'm damn lucky.


LauraC said...

As if you need more going on right now! Crazy!

TWO WEEKS. You can do it.

Julie said...

You have such a great attitude and perspective! Its not easy to appreciate all you have during the struggles of life.

I know that feeling all too well of losing your husband temporarily to the books. When Bill was studying for his boards last summer, I missed him and our family life. I also missed having him un-distracted. But, 2 weeks and it will be over! Good luck to Sam and to you too!!