Friday, February 5, 2010

If She Becomes a Scientist...

It will be thanks to Sam!

Here is my version of the "structured activities" when I have the day home with the kids:

* Make Valentines using paper, glue, stickers, maybe paint if I have had coffee
* Read stories
* Play with playdoh
* Play doll house, play in the little kitchen, etc.
* Use my acting skills for an awesome puppetshow
* Play an involved game with Seren when Wyeth (aka Godzilla) is asleep
* Eat granola bars for a snack

Here is Sam's version:
* Show Seren and Wyeth videos of volcanos on You Tube explaining about lava, flow, etc.
* Create a Volcano in our bathtub using homemade playdoh (which I made), red food dye and baking soda.
* Create 'floating' popcorn by adding salt to water which makes the popcorn kernels rise from the bottom of the glass.
* Place black construction paper outside. Wait for snow to fall. Look at the snow crystals using a huge magnifying glass.
* Cut out snowflakes out of paper while talking about the fact that each snowflake is uniquely different.
* Make a ramp and roll things down it- noting which items go fast and which go slow.

See any difference!?

Sam is an amazing teacher! I am so proud of him!


Beth said...

That is awesome, although I'm much impressed with your day, too! My typical stay-home day involves standing by the sink while Seth plays in the water, making sure he doesn't cause a flood; sitting in the playroom watching the boys play, making sure Seth doesn't flush the entire roll of toilet paper down the toilet; playing cars or trucks or space explorers; getting out the markers or paints and paper, spending a few minutes coloring with the kids before William loses interest and I have to wrestle marker or paintbrush from a fit-throwing Seth as he tries to paint the floor, rug, table, wall, etc. etc. This is why daycare is a NECESSITY for me. They would never learn anything if they stayed home with me all day! If the whole law thing doesn't work out for Sam, he should open a Daddy Daycare!

Jessica said...

I think you are both amazing teachers! What lucky children you have that they get parents with different talents. They will be some well-balanced little people!

samshi said...

I laughed out loud when i read this! Way to go Sam! But I would love a day your way :) Scientists need to have fun too!

OWL MOMMA said...

is this all in one day? I'm exhausted just reading it! :) Our typical day looks like: Wake up. Try to keep everyone in one piece and keep the house from burning down. Go to bed. Oh, and maybe a few meals thrown in there for good measure. hee hee

Julie said...

Sam is so very talented! I am so impressed!!