Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Come on ride the train, the Choo-Choo Train

For Wyeth's second birthday, we took our family and my parents on a choo-choo train in West Chester, PA. We took him the day after he turned two and we had a blast!

The train wasn't a steam engine like the one we took in Flint but that didn't matter to Wyeth. And it was FREEZING inside the train. The website said it would be 'heated'. And it was, technically. But man, my toes were almost numb by the time we got off the train!

All that being said, we had a wonderful time! Santa and Mrs. Claus joined us on the train and there were some (off key) musical singers as well. The train stopped and everyone got off the train to get a chance to talk with Santa. It was a very beautiful, old station called Glen Mills. Just charming. When Seren saw Santa her face just LIT UP! It was the BEST. What a gorgeous little girl. A true believer this year!

We then finished up our train trip and went to lunch at a local diner.

We then went to my parents home for nap/rest. When Wyeth woke up he was greeted with a wooden train that my father had built for my brother 30 years ago! He loved it! My parents also purchased a Thomas balloon which was the hit of the day for both Wyeth and Seren.

We then had a simple pizza dinner and had cake.

It was a small celebration but it was perfect. He had a blast and we all had a wonderful time! What a great, great way to celebrate TWO!

Picture overload:

And my favorite of the birthday boy himself:

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Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Awesome train cake! Love the magic that surrounds both Christmas and birthdays. It's so much fun to share it with our munchkins, isn't it?