Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

Before we race towards Santa and Christmas, I wanted to post about our lovely time in Flint Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Last year we drove to MI- a long 13 hours one way. Seren loved the hotels we stopped in both ways and so did we but after only an 8 hour car trip with Wyeth which included vomitting due to his own frustration, we took my in-laws generous invitation and flew to Michigan. What a life saver that was!

The trip to MI was great. Wyeth sat on my lap for the two flights. The first flight, he INSISTED on sitting on his own (non existant) part of the seat. We were sitting next to a young 20 year old guy. He was totally cool with the squirming, kicking Wyeth sharing his itty bitty seat. Once Wyeth fell asleep, I dragged his tired tush onto my lap and everyone was cool. The second flight, Wyeth and I sat next to a rathr large woman so there wasn't much 'seat' to share. That was fine with Wyeth- he even proceeded to 'drive' his match box cars all over the woman's leg! I was horrified but again, the woman was gratious and laughed.

We made it! We spent the better part of Thursday through Sunday eating and playing. But mostly eating. My mother and law indulged us with a completely full fridge and sam and I did our best to eat it all! The dinner itself was yummy and heavy on the carbs- just the way we like it!

We had some great evening adventures and were spoiled rotten by dinners out! Sam and I treated the family to an adventure on the Huckleberry Railroad which had to be my personal highlight. What fun! We bundled all up and saw some wonderful light displays aboard this old steam engine! It was a total blast!

We really enjoyed just all being together! Bill, Sam's Dad, also took some great famiily photos. We have so much to be thankful for: our health, our family, and our friends. At the end of each day, that is what life should be about!

We celebrated Thanksgiving!

We sat around and did cozy things:

We watched electric trains!

We trimmed the Angus family tree:

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We spent time with our family:

We saw a big choo-choo!

We celebrated two milestones! 70! and 2!

We had a great time!!


Beth said...

Yay! I'm so glad you had a great time and everything went well. Gorgeous pictures! Your train ride looked much nicer than ours. LOL!

Julie said...

Looks like a great time! Your kids have the best smiles :)