Monday, December 13, 2010

Holidays done right

We have had a busy busy 13 days of December! But we have celebrated the upcoming holidays is so many fun ways!

December 3rd brought Wyeth's Second.

We took him on a choo-choo train to celebrate.

We bought the tree and decorated the tree and the house the following day

We decided on a family pic and puchased the cards

We have taken the kids on fun family drives to look at the lights. Cheap thrills! Seren yells 'INFLATABLES' at every inflatable Santa/elf/train/snowman we see. WYeth yells out WOW! WOAH!

We saw the Nutcracker

We made homemade Christmas cookies and delivered them to neighbors wearing the
Christmas hats my parents bought the kids.

We saw Christmas lights in Flint in November,

We have donated toys for kids that are needy- Seren helped pick them out

We have celebrated the magic of Christmas with Elf on a Shelf

We have done the advent calendar- but often are a day behind

We went to Holly NIghts in Pennsbury Manor- candlelight walks with hot cidar and friends

We bought Christmas presents

We open one holiday book a day. Sam, over the year, has collected 10 cent of 25 cent books at the Thrift Store. A total of 33 books. WE started November 22nd. He has dutifully wrapped this used treasures and the kids trade picking one out to open each night. Then we read that book during family story! Love it!

But we have really just enjoyed being together. No newborn. No bar exam looming. Just the four of us.

And it isn't over yet! As Seren told me yesterday, "I am giving my favorite cookie to our neighbors because Christmas is about giving, Mom."

How right she is! We get caught up in elves and Santa because it is truly a magical age. And we love it too! But I think that Seren is getting the real message in this nuttiness as well. I'm proud of the kind person she is becoming. She is a good friend and a true blessing to us.

Can't wait for more!

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Beth said...

It sounds like you guys are doing everything right. So glad you're having an awesome December!