Friday, December 3, 2010

Wyeth is 2!

Tonight at 10:53 pm Wyeth will turn two! I have indulged myself by reminiscing about my weeks on bedrest, his awesome birth and the past two years. I simply can't get over the fact that my little man is two today. It seems like just yesterday Seren turned two and we were 8-9 weeks pregnant with Wyeth. And now Wyeth is having his big second birthday!

Wyeth, you continue to be pure light in our lives. Seren made me a mom- birthing me into someone completely different from my old self. But Wyeth, you re-birthed me as a Mom. A Mom who is much more relaxed that the previous version of my Mom self. You helped me enjoy and savor the baby weeks/months because I knew (the second time around) how fleeting the weeks and months would be.

You are all about life. You are not cautious. You live life large. I love that about you. You are also funny. You are quick to smile and laugh. And you are a charmer. Oh my, little man. So outgoing! You blow kisses to the garbage men when they pick up the trash as well as the cashier at the grocery store. You leave little melted hearts in your wake as you seem to have the ability to laugh and charm everyone around you.

You adore your sister. If she raises her hands up and sings, you do. If she tells you to say "Doo-doo", you do. If she tells you to say "Ta-da!", you do. She provides you so much comfort. When the vacuum comes on, you run into her arms for comfort until the vacuuming is complete.

You are a lover of cats. Meow-meows are amazing creatures! Hugging them has become a personal goal of yours.

And you are a lover of buses, cars, and trains. This obsession started 4 weeks ago and there is no end in sight. You will wake up talking about trains 'choo-choo' and go to sleep with cars in your hands. As a mother of a daughter and a son, I'm still surprised by your passion for all things 'transportation'.

You and your sister both love to dress up. Hats and silly princess costumes make you smile wide. Nothing better than being silly!

But Wyeth you really don't eat all that well. We are working on re-programming you from eating 6 foods to you know, eating more than 6!

But don't rush on growing up! You wanted to wear undies this weekend while we were at Grandma's and Granddad's. Your time will come. Please don't rush!

We can't wait to celebrate you this weekend on your birthday Train Adventure. We hope to see Santa Claus at the Holiday Express!

You also continue to be a momma's boy which thrills me to no end. As I held you while you slept on the plane coming back from Michigan, I looked at your face and realized that in the not too distant future, you will be 13 years old and instead of little feet, they will be big stinky feet. And that our time with you as a wee one goes all too quickly. In my mind's eye you were just born and I was gazing at your amazing face for the first time.

Continue to be the sweet, loving, active boy that we know you to be! We love you and are so proud of who you are, Wyeth! Happy, happy 2nd birthday!


Whitney said...

Very sweet tribute! Happy birthday to Wyeth!

Beth said...

Awesome post Megan! Happy happy birthday to cutest boy in the universe. (Besides my own, of course!) Hope you all have a very festive day!

Julie said...

I love your post, it brought tears to my eyes, especially the part about you holding Wyeth while he slept. Wyeth seems like such a joyful kid. The photos are great too, especially the one where Seren and Wyeth are hugging--AW!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Fabulous post! Wyeth will love it when he is bigger. Happy birthday to Wyeth, who brings joy even to strangers across the internet! : )

Corinne said...

Oh, so sweet :). I hope this blog is still around when he turns 13! Will he be mortified by the pics of him dressing up as a princess and wearing underwear outside his pants? haha!