Thursday, December 23, 2010

Crap work week but Christmas here we come

On Tuesday I heard that I did not get a promotion I hoped for, longed for and worked for.

I can't go into it but man, it was a total total blow to my self esteem.

There are many factors at work here. So I did some crying. Did some venting. Did some more crying. Hard not to feel like a failure!

But we'll see.

But last night Uncle John and my parents came by for dinner. It was just what I needed! Seren just ate up John's attention. When I came home from the office she yelled out, "MOM! Your brother is here!!"

So fun!

So it IS Christmas. It is about time with family. It is about just being together. Work is very important to me and being valued at this place is something I crave and deserve. But at the end of the day, there are bigger fish to fry. There are people and life goals and dreams that mean more to me. The biggest motivating factor, of course, is my family.

I'm excited to see Seren and Wyeth's faces when they open up thier gifts. I'm excited to drink wine with my parents. To have fondue with my family tonight! To sit by my already dry Christmas tree and just breathe.

We all just need a break!!

Have a Very Merry Christmas!! May we all have germ free days and lots of relaxation!


Beth said...

That just sucks Megan. But it sounds like you have somewhat come to terms with it. Hopefully the magic of Christmas will restore your spirit. Many hugs and wonderful Christmas wishes!!!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

I'm so glad that you had Christmas to be a joyful follow-up to that crummy work news. I hope that your hard work will feel more appreciated in the new year. Sounds like Christmas was very merry. I cracked up at all the exclamations the kids were making. : )

Whitney said...

Just keep in mind that everyone is sucked into the hierarchy there, and at each level, everyone is frustrated with what they can and can't do. It is no reflection on you at all because you are doing an awesome job and putting a ton of energy into it!!