Friday, December 17, 2010

Show me the Parents

There is no doubt about it- life with two young kids can be tough. It is the physical demands but the emotional demands as well which can be so challenging. The 'are we doing this right' thinking exhausts me. And I think those thoughts on a daily basis.

Often at the end of the day, I feel frustrated. What the heck got done today? Why have I only added to the to-do list? When do we just relax?

And when do I fit in time to just hang with Sam? This is increasingly a concern because he works at night on his part time job. And we are getting used to not hanging out!

So we continue to work to find little slices of time. To sit. To chat. To say, "Hi person I live with. How the heck are you?"

So this 'show me the mommy' post is also 'show me the parents'. Because seriously behind all of this- the work, the preschool decisions, the discipline, the fights about hair, the baths, the tantrums, the dishes, the home renovations, the bills, are two folks who are partners who love each other.

Damn cute, I tell ya. Damn cute.


LauraC said...

Love love love love love everything about this post!!!!
Particularly the picture.

Julie said...

You two are adorable!

Yes, yes and yes about the rest of the post--you are singing my song!

Jodi said...

OHHH YOU ARE SO RIGHT! This is a great post - you've really made me think!! I love it when a blog post knocks me on my butt like this - thank you - and Happy New Year!

HeatherV said...

Wonderful post and I think you really nailed it when you said it's about how you work together to make the life you want with each other for yourself and your family.

Happy 2011! I hope you have lots of reasons to be behind and in front of the camera this year.