Friday, December 24, 2010

Love it

I just love it. I love it all. I love the fact that my son sits in the back of the car and yells WOW at each of the houses that are lit with Christmas lights. He even yells WOW in our driveway when our lights are on.

And Seren screams at the top of her lungs INFLATABLES whenever we see them.

Unfortunately there are many in our neighborhood.

It is a cheap thrill really. Sam and I took the kids about three or four times this holiday season- they had a complete blast. Truly. And so did we. Just listening to Christmas songs and looking at super tacky lights.

I have loved every second of it! From Seren searching with her binoculars to find Beck, to thier new Christmas pjs, to the 10001 times we have seen Santa this season, to the gift wrapping and on line shopping to the topper of the holiday season, seeing Santa drive by our house in a fire engine.

He came late this year around 8:45! And we were so worried he wasn't going to come down our street. Seren already made peace with this. "It's ok. I already saw him." She had convinced herself but Sam and I started to worry about budget cuts and maybe the township couldn't make Santa drive down all of the streets.

When he finally came on top of that HUGE fire engine with the sirens blaring, we raced out in our footie pjs, coats flung on shoulders, running into the cold night.

And we waved and cheered and jumped up and down.

And of course I cried. I cry every year. Nothing better than seeing my children giddy with the magic of Christmas. And it won't be this way every year. And one day it will be Sam and I, in our jeans, looking out the window waving to Santa. Or casually sauntering out with coffee cup/wine glass in hand. But this year, it is about racing, being giddy and waving our little hands off, screaming SANTA!

Because we won't see him again, of course, until next year. With my new 3 year old and my 5.5 year old.

Life is so short and so magical.

Merry Christmas!

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Anonymous said...

So perfect. Thank you for sharing the joy.