Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Elf on the Shelf

We didn't buy this product last year but this year my mom and dad purchased the Elf for us. And we LOVE it. Absolutely up our alley!
We love this little guy!

The story is that the Elf (who each family has to name) keeps watch over children's behavior every day and goes to Santa during the night to tell him about how the kids have been doing. The Elf comes with a story that lays out the rules. The main rule is that kids can't talk to it. That and that he can't talk back.

The elf arrived on December 4th. Seren named it Beck. The first night I found her talking to it quietly. I felt like saying 'Welcome Beck. Congrats! You picked a verbal house!'

And oh my gosh- we LOVE this elf! We love it because it is fun and magical and SILLY. And we love Beck because he is motivation for behavior modification. Seren screamed (as usual) during our morning hair tussle. I pointed to Beck and said, "Remember! The elf is watching."

Not a peep from her. Not an 'effing peep.

Bless the elf!

She tries it on Wyeth too. "Remember Wyeth! Don't scream and push me. Remember Beck, Wyeth? Do you?" (All while pointing at the elf with one hand and her other hand on her hip).

Beck is less effective with Wyeth.

The first day Seren said to me, "I heard him! I did! I heard him come in the front door! Do you think he is in my room? Let me check to see if my magic wand is where I left it. Oh yup. It is. Never mind. I don't think he is in here...."

And the magic begins. One simple story. One idea about a magical elf and Seren was off and running in her mind! It was simply amazing! She worries about Beck's arms being too weak to hang from the tree/chandelier/bookshelf. She also asks so many questions about how he uses his magic to climb and jump to high places. And when Seren and Wyeth spent a night at my parents' home this past weekend (YAY!), she was very concerned that we would look for him prior to their arrival home.

So far Sam and I have only screwed up once. We were bringing the kids down for breakfast when I realized that Beck hadn't visited the north pole last night!

I yell out, "Sam! E-L-F!"

In a quick minute, Sam grabs the elf, whispers, "shit" and finds a new place for Beck to hang from.

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, I distract the kids with the "amazing" new piece of Tupperware. We were all clear.


We love the elf! So much fun!


Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Ha! I wondered what this was when I saw a reference to it in a friend's facebook post, and hadn't had a chance to look it up. Clever idea.

Beth said...

Love it! I purposely decided NOT to introduce the Elf on the Shelf because I knew I'd never be able to remember to move him every night! LOL. Maybe next year. :-)