Tuesday, March 9, 2010

15 Months

Last week, on the 3rd, Wyeth turned 15 months. It still blows my mind. I spent some time reading what Seren was like at 15 months. Some of the differences are tremendous. Some of the antics are the same.

** Wyeth weighed in at 23.75 (25%) and 32 inches (90%). His growing head plateaued! He still has a big noggin but they were glad to see it was the exact same as it was when he was 12 months old.

** He continues to be comforted by nursing but only if I am putting him down for a nap or the night. It gets tough when he is sick, then he really wants to nurse. But it is usually a 'take it or leave it' issue.

** He continues to be on formula. The recent visit to the doctor's last week confirmed that we were given the go ahead to transition to whole milk. We will work on this transition.

** He still rides rear facing in our car.

** The child runs. He climbs. He pushes his limits. Seren had none of this.

** He loves doing the stairs (when we let him). He first climbed stairs at 11 months and now is pretty darn good at it. But we freak out!

** He still doesn't have too many words. We think about 5-6 words. Mom, Dad, uh-oh, duck, hello, hot, cat and cracker. Despite this, the child can communicate EXACTLY what he wants. Now when you ask him for something he can shake his head 'no' if he doesn't want it.

** He hasn't gotten to the pointing phase where the kids point to an object and want you to tell them what it is. 'Dis?' "Dat?" I wonder when that will come...

** The two nap schedule is being left behind. We push him a bit on this. He now sleeps from around 8 pm to 6:30 am and then again from 1-3 or 2-4. This was Seren's schedule (and is her schedule) but I sometimes wonder if he gets enough sleep. 8pm seems late to me. But that is what works for us. Still! My friends' 16 month old is in bed every night at 6:30. When I wig out about this, Sam reminds me that each kid is different. Wyeth is happy and rested so I guess it is ok...

** He "talks" on a cell phone.

** He pretends to feed our hobby horse. I love the early pretending! He'll stick his chubby hand under the horse's mouth and make the eating noise. What a riot! Same with making and drinking tea, 'washing' dishes, etc.

** The boy loves laundry! Man! He loves sorting and unsorting the clothes. I gave him a pile of clean laundry and let him move it back and forth into the basket. Same goes for anything that has a lid. On. Off. Open. Close. On. Off. Open.Close. Sam discovered that he loves those weekly pill boxes. Seven containers that open and close! When I take him to church, I load it up with Cheerios and he is surprised that there is a cheerio in each one!

** He loves to splash in his bath! Seren HATED the bath at this age. OH! It was scary!! Everything was scary to Seren. Wyeth? Not so much. Not scared of dogs. Not scared of the vacuum. He IS scared as of this month, of doctors.

** We need to teach him more songs. We are trying to teach him to dance a bit more too. He'll clap but he needs to learn to groove.

** He still loves to wave. He'll wave at anyone passing by. Dogs. Cars that zoom. People. He really couldn't be more social if he tried. And the smiles! Oh, I melt into those grins.

** He is still a momma's guy. He just gives the best hugs. On the weekend, I pretty much have a permanent shadow/barnacle.

** He is slowly getting 'into' books. He loves the interactive ones. Petting the animals in the books, turning pages, etc. But he is impatient with them.

** Wyeth loves his sister. She makes him smile on a daily basis. He thinks she is SO funny.

Happy 15 month Wy guy. I know I can't capture exactly who you are and what you do in bullet points. So I just try to drink it up. Knowing I won't get these days back. And one day you'll be 15 years old. And have stinky feet. And won't follow me around like shadow. So I'll have these entries and these pictures to remind myself of the way you used to be. And while I'm sure you won't come to me for every one of your needs, I do hope that you'll text or call and look to us as your biggest supporters.

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