Thursday, March 25, 2010

"They Should call this place Hotties!"

On Sunday, after a long, wonderful walk/hike in Valley Forge, PA, my in-laws treated us to a big lunch at Chili's.

I held my breath about how well this would go. We were eating late. We all had a lot of sun. We just had a big walk and nap time was fast approaching. And we were no where near our beds. In fact we were still an hour drive away. Yikes.

But the meal went really well. And Wyeth learned how to sip out of a straw. He was hooked! That boy was hydrated! He loved this new 'trick'. Seren was busy coloring. The adults were busy eating chips. Wyeth was busy sipping out of his straw. Perfect.

The food arrived and Seren was so excited to chow on mac and cheese and corn kernels. (Which she ordered by herself- she loves to do this). She looks at the food and then looks at me.

"Mom! Why do they call this place Chili's? My food is hot! They should call this place hotties!"


Beth said...

I love the literal mind of a 3 year old! Freakin' hysterical.

Jessica said...

So funny. Sounds like you had a lovely meal out - hard to come by with two kids. Well done!

Julie said...

LOL--Hotties! Sounds like a great restaurant experience--yay to that. More evidence that Lana and Seren would be great friends--Lana also loves to order by herself, which makes me feel like we eat out a little too often.