Friday, March 5, 2010


This week has been a time of recalibrating. A time to reassess where we are, where we stand and where we want to go.

We aren't under the pressure of the bar. Whew. So we took the week to just sit back a bit. Not drive forward without any plan. Not that we have a plan now. :) It is just that we are thinking 'big picture' thoughts.

This always happens after a vacation. You come back ready to do it all better. To life more deeply. To be more present. I think thoughts like "I want to run daily. I want to meditate. I should write."


But that is what we are doing, on some level, as a family. Basically, now what?

We just need some sort of plan. On my current radar are the following thoughts:

Find some volunteer opportunity:
** I am working to coordinate a Habitat for Humanity day with my office colleagues.
Good stuff.
** I also sent in my application to Sidelines which is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting women on bedrest. More on that venture if I am accepted!

Find my tribe:
This is a big one for me for about 4 years. I have tried many times to do many things to find "my people". So far, this week, I have made two ventures into this goal.
** Attend a 'women's group' at my new UU church. (Set for next Monday)
** Coordinate a women's coffee via a yahoo group that has met on and off for two years

Give additional thought to career next steps:
** Both mine and Sam's. This is a big one. Now what? Sam is already looking for jobs. I consider this admirable considering it has only been a week since he finished. But what kind of quality of life are we looking for as a family?

And something else is pressing on my mind: Seren is turning FOUR in 8 weeks. FOUR. She looks four. She is tall. And funny. But FOUR? Where did the last year go? I feel some sadness about that. And what are we going to do to celebrate?! She is VERY excited and mentions her birthday once a day.

So things are stewing and brewing. We are recalibrating. Stay tuned!


Beth said...

Awesome and admirable goals. I'm still stuck on, "What's for dinner next week?" Hmmmm, you're making me think. Can't wait to see where the future takes you. As for birthdays, I already have William's party planned and booked. Gotta move early around here!

Whitney said...

Wow, FOUR!!! Where has the time gone?? What a big girl she's growing into. :) Happy almost-four year anniversary of being great parents!

LauraC said...

I can't wait to hear what this year brings! I found that creating a community first helped me more easily hit all my other goals. But it is HARD and it is an ongoing process.

Julie said...

Sounds like you all have a lot on your mind--good things!

I agree that FOUR is making me a little sad. Its going so fast, I don't want to miss a minute!