Monday, March 29, 2010

Night time chatting

I have no memories of last March. None at all. When I was making Wyeth's baby book and scanning through pictures of last March, I can't recall a single day or moment. The pictures, I took. I am even in some of them. But I was waking up every two hours. To calm. And soothe and feed. And I was in a constant state of haze. Returning to the office in tears after three months at home. Pumping. Working. Driving. Commuting. Sleeping. Not sleeping. Repeat.

This March is different. We sleep. I have actual memories of this month. And I hope to include last night in those memories.

Wyeth and I chatted for a good 15 minutes last night. He had so much to tell me. As if he was waiting until the lights were out to tell me all of his good stories, his funny jokes. He sat in my lap, in the pitch dark, and just talked. Talked about his turtle friend, Webby. And his sister. And Dad and I. And trucks. And chicken nuggets and splashing in the bath.

In reality, I have no idea what he was talking about but talking he did.

I worry, most days, that Wyeth doesn't have enough 'air space' as Seren talks constantly. Sometimes we are required to talk back to her- those are called conversations. Other times, as her Daddy notes, it is a stream of unconsious thought. Wyeth's words are far fewer than his sisters' at this age. And I fear that it is because he doesn't have time to tell us anything. And even when she is quiet, WE are too tired to strike up another version of Itsy Bitsy or the like.

But last night, Wyeth had things to say. Stories to share. And his little babbles would be puncuated by giggles and laughter. Which made me laugh into the dark night. The two of us, me rocking and trying to hum him to sleep; Wyeth talking and giggling and playing with my hair- ignoring my attempts at encouraging rest.

Night time chats, when sleep is close by and the moon is out, are the best.


Beth said...

That is so sweet! When you have two kids, getting that one-on-one time is so awesome and so special. Here's wishing for many more moonlight chats.:-)

LauraC said...

Believe me, if Wyeth wants to talk, he will find a way. I used to worry about Alex not getting a chance to talk but there is ALWAYS someone talking in our house. It is nice to see Alex find his voice.

Julie said...

You are very talented at highlighting the sweetness of parenting. The moments you really want to cherish and remember forever.

Thanks too for some hope that someday I will sleep again--even if its a year away, its still possible!

What a sweet boy you have :)

Jessica said...

I bet Wyeth was talking about all of those things! Your description of your evening was so clear; I could picture it perfectly. : )

I'm glad to be reminded that I'll still have these moments even when I am outnumbered most of each day. Sebastian talks constantly, too (though probably less than Seren, since he's 2 years younger!), so I wonder how much our next one will get to fill in with his or her own words. I guess I'm going to find out!