Monday, March 22, 2010

Nice Weather = OUTside

We had a fabulous weekend this weekend! My in-laws were in town, my best friend was in!

And it was 76 degrees on Sunday.

76 degrees. On a Sunday. In MARCH!

I made the kids play outside. (Not that it took TOO much arm twisting). But after several walks, I wanted to go outside again.

"Mooom...We already went outside. Can't we just stay in and do playdoh? I waaaana do playdoh!"

"We did playdoh all of January and all of February. Come on kiddo, strap on those sneakers. We are going out!"

And playing outside we did. :)

Pics of family and friends to come...


Julie said...

I am SO like that too! When we have a sunny, warmish day I make Lana get outside even if she wants to do art inside. I am like, we can do crafts when its raining, get outside and run around girl!

Sounds great (especially with your inlaws and BFF in town).

Jessica said...

Yes, here in rainy Seattle, we have to get out every chance we get until the sunshine finally comes in earnest in the summer. I think it's hilarious that the kids wanted to stay in and you wanted to go out. Good for you for playing in the sun together!