Friday, March 12, 2010


Just over three years ago we moved from our short term apartment into our home. To save money, we cut off our expensive cable bill and went with basic. The cable man came to our home. He told us "Well, I don't feel like going up there on your roof. So I'll just say I did, we will bill you with the basic service but you'll still have the expanded."

Seriously? It was definitely a "fight the Man" comment.


And so it went. For YEARS. Then this past summer, they switched to (from!?) analog and we had to hook up this new box. Sam and I were convinced that the gig was up. This time the cable guy came and said, "Oh yeah, your basic, limited (lame) TV will show up in one hour. Enjoy the last hour of cable."

So we did. All that weekend and the week that followed Sam would continue to turn on the tv, see that our cable still did worked and yell out, "It still works! Score!"

This too lasted for months.

Then this Monday I got an automated call on my cell phone, "In our audits this winter, we found that you have been receiving extended cable for the basic price. On March 16th, 2010 you will begin to receive the cable you pay for."


Still, it was a good 3.5 years!

But cue Sam being sad- it is March Madness after all! And he won't be able to see any of it! Even I feel sad about that!

***Thanks to all who generously offered their homes after yesterday's post! Friends off line did too! Geez! What more can I ask for? You guys are awesome!***


Beth said...

We don't even get basic cable. We use rabbit ears and the digital converter box, and sometimes, 3 channels come in, but sometimes they don't. The only thing we actually watch on TV is LOST. It's actually not bad. If you want to cut your bill even more (as in entirely), I recommend it!

Julie said...

Ouch, losing cable right in time for March Madness! Poor Sam! Bill would be devastated.