Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Fever!

Last weekend we had a little taste of Spring. And man, was it awesome!! I raked in the front yard, decided to clean out the garage, cleaned all over the place and felt invigorated by the hope and ENERGY that Spring brings! Yahoo!

But I am also bitten by the travel bug. MAN, I want out of here! I still dream of an annual trek to Oakland/Berkeley but that is way beyond our budget. And so then I start to think about local places we could visit.

When we were young (around 8 or 10 years old), my parents would take my brother, John and I, on these little one night vacations. We usually drove about 15 minutes away and stayed at a hotel with a pool. My friends at the time thought it was nuts. But we loved it! And it serves a critical need to step AWAY from the chores, the endless to-do list, the distractions of TV, etc and focus on FAMILY. We so need this. We have regrouped post Bar but we really need a little escape. I need one with Sam but we also need a little escape as a family.

Seren's "spring break" is coming up in April and I would love to get away. The main sticking point isn't deadlines or work obligations but finances. We still are working on one income so our escape has to be super cheap! Somehow, doesn't offer free hotel rooms. Bummer! :)

Then I think about driving options. Which wouldn't be too bad, right? Virginia Beach, NC, up to CT. Or camping! We could camp! That is cheap! We want to camp this year. But I think we'd FREEZE in early April- in any place we could DRIVE to. I just googled a whole host of places. And I think anything on the East Coast would be hit or miss.

My travel bug will most likely be solved by several work trips coming up but that urge to just get away and have fun? It is pretty powerful these days.

If anyone knows of a contest for a family of four get away to Northern California, would you let me know? Thanks! :)I'm feeling lucky!!


LauraC said...

You are always welcome at our house for a getaway! Very long drive with two kiddos but we have plenty of space, a babyproofed house, FOUR booster seats (with straps) for the eat-in kitchen and a treehouse.

hee hee!

Beth said...

Come to DC! It's closer than NC (ha-ha!), and we have CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!! Seriously, peak bloom will be around April 4-6 I think. So think about it. We have a pull-out couch in the basement, plus room for a pack-n-play and an inflatable bed if you need it. We'd LOVE to see you!

Julie said...

While, I would love to offer up a visit to our place as well, if you travel all the way to Seattle, you might as well go to Northern California, which is much more spring-like this time of year. However, if one of those work trips is anywhere near Seattle, I will cry if you don't let me know!