Monday, March 15, 2010


My Mom and Dad are enjoying a fantastic vacation this past week. Full of steam baths and saunas on a cruise! It sounds amazing! My mom called to ask of we were all "relaxed" now that the Bar is over.

And yes, life is MUCH better now that the bar is behind us. Sam smiles. We all talk more. It is more focused on family. Yes. But relaxed? Not so much. I don't hold out hope on that for another what, 25 years?! :)

I know I'll look back and say "Those were the best years". And maybe they will be. And maybe they won't be. But I do know, a lot of these moments? They aren't relaxing.

Just for myself, I made a list of the 'events' since Friday at 4:15pm.

* Got myself a quick haircut
* Received great news from two friends
* Had dinner with family
* Watched poor Wyeth lose his dinner right after eating it (too fast?)
* Attempted to clean up the puke
* Had the lights go out while cleaning puke. Nothing better that being on your hands and knees trying to clean something nasty in the dark.
* Saturday morning, Sam went to a consignment sale while I hung out and played with kids
* Drove down to Philly to visit the Please Touch Museum. Had a blast as a family.
* Came home, fed the kids lunch
* Attempted to put Wyeth down for a nap
* Got dressed up
* Drove an hour for 'high tea' with friends. In POURING rain
* Had tea with friends- fun!
* Drove back home and went to another friends' home for dinner. We all played well.
* Sunday morning attempted to give Wyeth a haircut. Screwed up.
* Emergency run to Hair Cuttery
* Sam and Seren went grocery shopping; Wyeth and I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond
* Had lunch as family
* Put very tired children to bed
* During nap, did three loads of laundry (sam), cleaned and bleached both bathrooms (me)
* De-chaulked the tub in the downstairs bath
* After nap, went to Lowes to buy a rug, a tree and caulk.
* Did dinner
* Played. Took pictures. Tickled.
* Did bath
* Did dishes
* Vacuumed downstairs
* Caulked tub on my hands and knees and learned that I kinda suck at caulking
* Downloaded pics
* Bed

See? Nice and relaxed!

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